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From "Prajakta Kalmegh (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] Commented: (HIVE-1694) Accelerate GROUP BY execution using indexes
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2011 06:59:37 GMT


Prajakta Kalmegh commented on HIVE-1694:

We are currently working on implementing a new index type to get a correct COUNT for group-by
queries that are re-written to use index table instead of base table. We have three implementation
options as listed below:

1. Create a new index handler called 'AggregationIndexHandler' which pre-computes the count
on indexed columns
        In this appraoch, we plan to implement a new index type that stores the COUNT of the
indexed column per index entry as suggested by John in November 1st 2010's comment. The 'AggregationIndexHandler'
will override the default implementation for 'analyzeIndexDefinition(...)' and 'generateIndexBuildTaskList(...)'
methods. The 'analyzeIndexDefinition(...)' method implementation will add a FieldSchema object
for COUNT rather than 'offsets' in the StorageDescriptor for the index table. The 'generateIndexBuildTaskList(...)'
method will be the same but there will be a change in the implementation of the 'getIndexBuilderMapRedTask(...)'
method which is invoked within this method. 
Currently, for the index rebuild on the following index creation, 

CREATE INDEX lineitem_lshipdate_idx ON TABLE lineitem(l_shipdate) AS 'org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.index.compact.CompactIndexHandler'
ALTER INDEX lineitem_lshipdate_idx ON lineitem REBUILD;

the 'getIndexBuilderMapRedTask(...)' method creates a command 'INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE `default__lineitem_lineitem_lshipdate_idx__`
SELECT `l_shipdate`,INPUT__FILE__NAME, collect_set (BLOCK__OFFSET__INSIDE__FILE)  FROM `lineitem`
GROUP BY `l_shipdate`, INPUT__FILE__NAME' in the CompactIndexHandler. This command is later
passed to the driver to compile and rebuild the index which collects data from base table
and stores it in index table.

With the 'AggregationIndexHandler', we plan to create a command like ' INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE
`default__lineitem_lineitem_lshipdate_idx__` SELECT `l_shipdate`,INPUT__FILE__NAME, COUNT(`l_shipdate`)
FROM `lineitem`  GROUP BY `l_shipdate`, INPUT__FILE__NAME' which will count the number of
unique indexed column entries.

        In the current implementation of our optimizer, we are doing a 'size(_offsets)' to
replace the COUNT in group-by queries. We need to change this implementation if we use the
AggregationIndexHandler. This will still give a comparable performance improvement on the
original queries that will, otherwise, scan full tables for a COUNT of the indexed columns.

Note: We plan to go ahead with creating a new HiveIndexHandler type rather than changing the
implementation of the CompactIndexHandler to let in some flexibility in the use of AggregationIndexHandler
only for cases where it is required. 

2. Implement a 'CompactRowIndexHandler' similar to 'CompactIndexHandler' but it stores the
        We create a new index handler called 'CompactRowIndexHandler'. This will give us a
ROW_OFFSET_INSIDE_FILE array<bigint> and we can compute the COUNT for group-by queries
by doing a s'ize(ROW_OFFSET_INSIDE_FILE)' on it.  The command will look like,

' INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE `default__lineitem_lineitem_lshipdate_idx__` SELECT `l_shipdate`,INPUT__FILE__NAME,
collect_set (ROW_OFFSET_INSIDE_FILE) FROM `lineitem`  GROUP BY `l_shipdate`, INPUT__FILE__NAME'
which will give us an array of all row offsets in the input file grouped by indexed column.

We had a look at the HIVE-1803 patch. If we re-use the implementation changes done in Hive1803
to classes,, and,
we can implement '' to support the above index type.

3. Use BitMapIndexHandler without creating a new index handler
        Another approach is to use the Hive1803 BitMapIndexHandler to get a count of all those
bits in the bitmap array for which the row_offset is ON. This will indeed give us a correct
count for all the rows that contain the indexed column. However, we will have multiple counts
per block entry. For this, we may need to do the SUM again to get a correct count per indexed
column entry. Although this is do-able, it will be somewhat complex to implement.

Please let us know what you think of the proposed solutions. If you have a better implementation
approach in mind, please do share it with us. 

> Accelerate GROUP BY execution using indexes
> -------------------------------------------
>                 Key: HIVE-1694
>                 URL:
>             Project: Hive
>          Issue Type: New Feature
>          Components: Indexing, Query Processor
>    Affects Versions: 0.7.0
>            Reporter: Nikhil Deshpande
>            Assignee: Nikhil Deshpande
>         Attachments: HIVE-1694.1.patch.txt, HIVE-1694_2010-10-28.diff, demo_q1.hql, demo_q2.hql
> The index building patch (Hive-417) is checked into trunk, this JIRA issue tracks supporting
indexes in Hive compiler & execution engine for SELECT queries.
> This is in ref. to John's comment at
> on creating separate JIRA issue for tracking index usage in optimizer & query execution.
> The aim of this effort is to use indexes to accelerate query execution (for certain class
of queries). E.g.
> - Filters and range scans (already being worked on by He Yongqiang as part of HIVE-417?)
> - Joins (index based joins)
> - Group By, Order By and other misc cases
> The proposal is multi-step:
> 1. Building index based operators, compiler and execution engine changes
> 2. Optimizer enhancements (e.g. cost-based optimizer to compare and choose between index
scans, full table scans etc.)
> This JIRA initially focuses on the first step. This JIRA is expected to hold the information
about index based plans & operator implementations for above mentioned cases. 

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