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From Pei HE <>
Subject Run CliDriver in Eclipse
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2011 21:19:59 GMT
I am trying to debug Hive in Eclipse.

My problem is Hive doesn't work with Hadoop, when the command line is
invoked in Eclipse.

The version of Hadoop is 0.19.2.

There is no problem when I run Hive by ./build/dist/bin/hive. But,
when I run the class CliDriver in Eclipse, it cannot find the tables I
have defined.
Moreover, when I created a table, was
thrown by

The last line of code in hive is in
        return (fs.mkdirs(f) || fs.getFileStatus(f).isDir());
Hive failed to fs.mkdirs(f), and cause a exception when check the
status of a non-exist file.

It seems the file systems that access in Eclipse and in terminal are different.

Could anyone can help me about that?


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