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From gaurav jain <>
Subject Fw: Access to JobClient
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2010 22:17:19 GMT

-- I merge data using my M/R job
-- For better compression and code maintainence, I want to replace my M/R job 
with a SORT BY and DISTRIBUTE BY hive query
-- I also want to know the number of records ( hadoop counters ). I could do 
that in my M/R job. Its a MUST.
-- I dont want to write second M/R job to get counts

I have following questions:

-- Do I have access to hadoop counters if I am using a hive query?
     -- Looked into HIVE code base and looks like there are no public interfaces 

for me to either get JobClient or counters
     -- is the class that deals with it and this class/methods 
are internal to HIVE.

Please suggest a way to accomplish the above tasks.

Hoping to get a response soon!

Gaurav Jain


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