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From Owen O'Malley <>
Subject Avoiding mega-patches
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2008 22:29:06 GMT
Hi all,
    Looking through the Hive jiras, I found HADOOP-4320, which is a  
huge jira that seems to have rolled multiple issues into one. I  
understand in the rush to get Hive committed, bigger patches were  
easier, but they make it very difficult to track what is happening in  
the project. Never mind that reviewing a 1.5 mb patch is almost  
impossible. It is also very hard for the PMC to know who did what. For  
instance, 4320 is assigned to Ashish, but was uploaded by Joydeep.  
 From the comments, it seems that they both did parts of the mega- 
patch. In the future, please commit the patches for separate issues  


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