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Subject svn commit: r1671110 - /hive/trunk/hcatalog/webhcat/svr/src/main/config/webhcat-default.xml
Date Fri, 03 Apr 2015 17:46:03 GMT
Author: ekoifman
Date: Fri Apr  3 17:46:03 2015
New Revision: 1671110

HIVE-10208 templeton.hive.extra.files should be commented out in webhcat-default.xml


Modified: hive/trunk/hcatalog/webhcat/svr/src/main/config/webhcat-default.xml
--- hive/trunk/hcatalog/webhcat/svr/src/main/config/webhcat-default.xml (original)
+++ hive/trunk/hcatalog/webhcat/svr/src/main/config/webhcat-default.xml Fri Apr  3 17:46:03
@@ -111,11 +111,12 @@
-    <value>/tez-client/conf/tez-site.xml,/tez-client/,/tez-client/lib</value>
+    <value></value>
     <description>The resources in this list will be localized to the node running LaunchMapper
and added to HADOOP_CLASSPTH
       before launching 'hive' command.  If the path /foo/bar is a directory, the contents
of the the entire dir will be localized
       and ./bar/* will be added to HADOOP_CLASSPATH.  Note that since classpath path processing
does not recurse into subdirectories,
-      the paths in this property may be overlapping.  In the example above, "./tez-site.xml:./tez-client/*:./lib/*"
will be added to
+      the paths in this property may be overlapping.  For example, to run Hive on Tez jobs,
3 items need to be localized:
+      /tez-client/conf/tez-site.xml,/tez-client/,/tez-client/lib.  In this example, "./tez-site.xml:./tez-client/*:./lib/*"
will be added to
       This can be used to specify config files, Tez artifacts, etc.  This will be sent -files
option of hadoop jar command thus
       each path is interpreted by Generic Option Parser.  It can be local or hdfs path.

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