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From Jerry Peng <jerry.boyang.p...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Proposing Changes To Heron
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2018 05:28:40 GMT
Thanks Josh for taking the initiative to get this start!  SQL on Heron
will be a great feature! The plan sounds great to me.  Lets first get
an initial version of the Heron SQL out and then we can worry about
custom / user defined sources and sinks.  We can even start talking
about UDFs (User defined functions) at that point!



On Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 9:05 PM, Josh Fischer <josh@joshfischer.io> wrote:
> Please see this google drive link for adding comments.  I will copy and
> paste the drive doc below as well.
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PxLCyR_H-mOgPjyFj3DhWXryKW21CH2zFWwzTnqjfEA/edit?usp=sharing
> Proposal Below
> *I am writing this document to propose changes and to start conversations
> on adding functionality similar to Storm SQL to Heron.  We would call it
> Heron SQL.  After reviewing how the code is structured in Storm I have some
> suggestions and questions relating to the implementation into the Heron
> code base. - High Level Overview Of Code Workflow (Keeping Similar to
> Storm)- We would parse the sql with calcite to create the logical and
> physical plans- We would then convert the logical and physical plans to a
> Heron Topology- We would then submit the Heron Topology into the Heron
> System - Some thoughts on code structure and overall functionality- I think
>  we should place the Heron SQL code base as a top level directory in the
> repo. - I will have to add the command “sql” to the Heron command line code
> in python.- As a first pass implementation users  can interact with Heron
> SQL via the following command - heron sql <sql-file> <topology-name>- We
> will also support the explain command for displaying the query plan, this
> will not deploy the topology- heron sql <sql-file> --explain- After the
> first pass implementation is working smoothly, we can then add an
> interactive command line interface to accept sql on the fly by omitting the
> sql file argument- Heron sql <topology-name>- We would support all of the
> existing functionality in Storm SQL today with the exception of being
> dependent on trident.  We would use Storm SQL as a way to deploy topologies
> into Heron.  Similar to how you deploy topologies with the Streamlet,
> Topology, and ECO APIs- Questions- Do we see any issue with this plan to
> implement?- I believe we would have to supply an external jar at times to
> connect to external data sources, such as reuse of kafka libraries or
> database drivers.  I see that Storm has few external connectors for mongo,
> kafka, redis and hdfs.  Do we want to limit users to what we decide to
> build as connectors or do we want to give them the ability to load external
> jars at submit time? I don’t think heron offers the ability to pass extra
> jars to via the “--jars” or “--artifacts” flags like Storm does today.
> Would this be the correct way to pull in external jars?  Does anyone have a
> different idea?  I’m thinking that this might be a v2 feature after we get
> Heron sql working well.  Ideas, thoughts or concerns?- Is there anything I
> missed?*

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