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From Subramanian Raghunathan <subramanian.raghunat...@integral.com>
Subject State transitions of partitions and Distributed Cluster controllers
Date Wed, 27 Jan 2016 01:42:36 GMT
Hi Helix Team ,

                I am evaluating helix as a cluster management framework. I believe it's very
modular , highly customizable with a variety of out of box capabilities. Kudos to the team

I have the below queries :

1)      How to configure the number of retries  in state transition handlers ?

                I referred to the this particular mail conversion : "you can configure the
number of retries before a transition is considered as failed"

2)       Please point me to an example/interfaces of starting a distributed cluster controller
and how to add the various clusters that the controllers is supposed to manage.

3)      What would be the event life cycle of the reset() method in TransitionHandler

a.       Believe this gets called if zookeeper client session is lost or there's an update
to the cluster configuration

Note: I am using the "helix-0.7.1" version.

Thanks & Regards,
Subramanian Raghunathan

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