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From Greg Brandt <brandt.g...@gmail.com>
Subject dropwizard-helix
Date Sat, 05 Dec 2015 23:49:42 GMT

If you're not familiar with it, Dropwizard (http://www.dropwizard.io/) is a
really good Java framework for building web applications. It has basically
everything you'd need to build a web application - JDBI (or Hibernate),
views, authentication, etc. and leverages solid existing components (Jetty,
Jersey, Jackson, Metrics).

One thing that it is lacking is the ability to easily deploy distributed
applications, so I created a module that aims to make it very simple to use
Helix to accomplish that: https://github.com/brandtg/dropwizard-helix

Currently it only does really simple service discovery, but I think there
are a lot of complementary features between the two frameworks that we
could explore. For example, Dropwizard's task interface (
http://www.dropwizard.io/0.9.1/docs/manual/core.html#tasks) could leverage
Helix's task framework to make running distributed tasks easy.

My idea is to basically offer the Helix recipes as Dropwizard bundles,
requiring no code from the user other than adding the bundle / config, then
have an advanced mode where one can basically just provide state transition
handler / factory class for things like master / slave. But the bundle
would take care of all the details like computing instance name,
connecting, etc.

You can see it in use here:


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