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From Hang Qi <hangq.1...@gmail.com>
Subject Question regarding to CUSTOMIZED balance mode
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2015 06:04:21 GMT

We are evaluating CUSTOMIZED balance mode in helix 0.6.4 currently, and I
have one question regarding to it.

How do I handle cluster failure case, e.g. the initial ideal state as
"mapFields" : {
   "MyResource_0" : {
     "N1" : "MASTER",
     "N2" : "SLAVE",
If N1 goes down, N2 will not become MASTER automatically, right?

If so, how do I register the listener for cluster state change to update
ideal state? The doc
<http://helix.apache.org/0.6.4-docs/tutorial_rebalance.html> says "The
application needs to implement a callback interface that Helix invokes when
the cluster state changes. Within this callback, the application can
recompute the idealstate.", is that interface Rebalancer

Do we have an example for CUSTOMIZED balance?

Besides, when looking at the code, CustomRebalancer
Rebalancer interface, and just returns currentIdealState when
computeNewIdealState is called.

Hang Qi

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