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From Hang Qi <hangq.1...@gmail.com>
Subject Message throttling of controller behavior unexpectedly when there are multiple constraints
Date Sat, 16 May 2015 23:48:58 GMT
Hi folks,

We found a very strange behavior on message throttling of controller when
there is multiple constraints. Here is our setup ( we are using
helix-0.6.4, only one resource )

   - constraint 1: per node constraint, we only allow 3 state transitions
   happens on one node concurrently.
   - constraint 2: per partition constraint, we define the state transition
   priorities in the state model, and only allow one state transition happens
   on one single partition concurrently.

We are using MasterSlave state model, suppose we have two nodes A, B, each
has 8 partitions (p0-p7) respectively, and initially both A and B are
shutdown, and now we start them at the same time (say A is slightly earlier
than B).

The expected behavior might be

   1. p0, p1, p2 on A starts from Offline -> Slave; p3, p4, p5 on B starts
   from Offline -> Slave

But the real result is:

   1. p0, p1, p2 on A starts from Offline -> Slave, nothing happens on B
   2. until p0, p1, p2 all transited to Master state, p3, p4, p5 on A
   starts from Offline -> Slave; p0, p1, p2 on B starts from Offline -> Slave

As step Offline -> Slave might take long time, this behavior result in very
long time to bring up these two nodes (long down time result in long catch
up time as well), though ideally we should not let both nodes down at the
same time.

Looked at the controller code, the stage and pipeline based implementation
is well design, very easy to understand and to reason about.

The logic of MessageThrottleStage#throttle,

   1. it goes through each messages selected by MessageSelectionStage,
   2. for each message, it goes through all selected matched constraints,
   and decrease the quota of each constraints
   1. if any constraint's quota is less than 0, this message will be marked
      as throttled.

I think there is something wrong here, the message will take the quota of
constraints even it is not going to be sent out (throttled). That explains
our case,

   - all the messages have been generated by the beginning, (p0, A,
   Offline->Slave), ... (p7, A, Offline->Slave), (p0, B, Offline->Slave), ...,
   (p7, B, Offline->Slave)
   - in the messageThrottleStage#throttle
      - (p0, A, Offline->Slave), (p1, A, Offline->Slave), (p2, A,
      Offline->Slave) are good, and constraint 1 on A reaches 0,
constraint 2 on
      p0, p1, p2 reaches 0 as well
      - (p3, A, Offline->Slave), ... (p7, A, Offline->Slave) throttled by
      constraint 1 on A, also takes the quota of constraint 2 on those
      as well.
      - (p0, B, Offline->Slave), ... (p7, B, Offline->Slave) throttled by
      constraint 2
      - thus only (p0, A, Offline->Slave), (p1, A, Oflline->Slave), (p2, A,
      Offline->Slave) has been sent out by controller.

Does that make sense, or is there anything else you can think of to result
in this unexpected behavior? And is there any work around for it? One thing
comes into my mind is update constraint 2 to be only one state transition
is allowed of single partition on certain state transitions.

Thanks very much.

Hang Qi

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