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From Abhishek Ghosh <abhishek_gho...@apple.com>
Subject Information about task scheduling on cluster level
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2015 13:20:36 GMT

We are trying to implement the task scheduling framework in the cluster level, the use case
is such that we should be able to divide a job into tasks and able to assign a task in a particular
cluster. Is this possible? If yes can you please provide some documentation on how this can
be achieved.

Till now we are able to schedule a job and assign the tasks to the nodes, we have configured
the clusters in master slave state model and restricting the tasks to be run on the master.
So whenever a master goes down a node which has made transition from slave to master will
take up the task. To maintain the task assigned to particular cluster we are kind of hardcoded
the task to nodes in the cluster(based on the external view of the resource).

We want to scale up this application such that a node can serve more than one task at a time.
Is this possible? If yes can you please provide documentation(including Target Partitioner,
rebalancer and provisioner). Also can you please give some info how to use TaskCallBackContext
for various events as a controller.


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