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From Varun Sharma <va...@pinterest.com>
Subject Old sessions and current sessions not matching on restart
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2015 23:40:12 GMT

When I do a cluster wide restart, I see the following errors being logged:

 2015-01-05 22:08:27,526 [main] (ParticipantManagerHelper.java:234)
INFO  *Carrying
over old session: 149a14ada0d0323*, resource:
$terrapin$data$meta_board_join$1415863274925 to current session:

This is then followed by a large number of errors:

2015-01-05 22:08:30,321 [main] (HelixTaskExecutor.java:559) WARN  SessionId
does NOT match. *expected sessionId: 149a14ada0d0324*, tgtSessionId in
message: *149a14ada0d0323*, messageId: da2ce3df-b797-4a27-9916-862c27af290a

Does this signify a problem - it happens everytime I do restart ?



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