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From Maharajan Nachiappan <maharajan.na...@gmail.com>
Subject Helix parallelism
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2014 16:07:11 GMT

I just started looking at the capability that helix can do Parallelism
executing task evenly in the cluster instances, resources.

I have a requirement in executing different queries but in parallel to
solve some issue. Can helix help in this case?

For example
1. I have some 1000 different queries to be executed.
2. I have 5 nodes configured in the helix cluster capable of executing set
of queries.
3. I need helix to distribute these 1000 different queries equally to the 5
nodes (200 per node) and takes care re-executing failed set of queries. And
notifies the controller about the job done.

Can someone help me in understand how helix can solve this kind of issue?


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