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From Vinayak Borkar <vinay...@gmail.com>
Subject Need two kinds of DROPPED states?
Date Sun, 18 May 2014 19:08:15 GMT
Hi Guys,

It looks like when a partition that is on a participant (P1) is moved to 
another participant (P2), P1 is sent a transition request from OFFLINE 

In an other scenario, when a resource is dropped using HelixAdmin, the 
partitions undergo a similar transition to DROPPED.

As an application, one might need to do different things in those two 
cases. For example, in the first case its being dropped to become live 
somewhere else and so any shared state for the resource should not be 
lost. On the other hand, in the second scenario, the application might 
want to clean up all state associated with the resource.

Is there a way for the application to distinguish between the first kind 
of DROPPED and the second kind? I am looking to have the state machine 
itself handle both the scenarios without the need for the application to 
trigger some special activity to perform the cleanup in the second scenario.


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