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From Sandeep Nayak <sand...@chegg.com>
Subject Newbie Questions
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2014 08:55:40 GMT

I am a newbie to Apache Helix and am evaluating technologies to build
clustered services. I have read through the documentation on the
http://helix.incubator.apache.org/ site but did not find answers to the
questions below so decided to ask them here.

(1) What is the difference between Apache Helix and LinkedIn Norbert? I
believe Norbert does not support state-machine transitions like Helix but
is there a document/summary on what are the differences so someone like me
can use that in my evaluation?

(2) Has Apache Helix been used on Amazon? Is there any documentation on
how to get this working?

(3) The website as 0.6.2-incubating-stable and 0.7.0-incubating-alpha.
Does incubating indicate the state of the project in Apache or is it
indicative of the production-readiness of the library? I imagine the
former because prior to getting to Apache the library was used at
linked-in, am I correct?

Thanks in advance,


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