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From Sandeep Nayak <osgig...@gmail.com>
Subject Helix 0.6.2: State Model question
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2014 18:54:21 GMT
I am looking at Quickstart.java in helix/examples. I see there are two
state models need to be defined

(1) Instance state model which defines the transitions for nodes in the
(2) Node state model which listens to transitions occurring on a given node.

I looked at the MasterSlaveStateModel and notice APIs in there like

onBecomeSlaveFromOffline(Message message, NotificationContext context)

they are not available on the base StateModel class.

Are these callbacks assumed to be defined on the extension of the
StateModel which is registered? Does the reporting mechanism infer these
methods based on the state-transitions defined in (1) above?

The other question is can I simply have one node registered as
InstanceType.CONTROLLER_PARTICIPANT? Would I use that type if I were to
build a peer-peer network?



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