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From Kanak Biscuitwala <kana...@hotmail.com>
Subject RE: Helix V2 0.7.0
Date Sat, 22 Feb 2014 18:09:30 GMT
The biggest problem is that we pretty much have to backport bug fixes forever if we completely
break compatibility. Here's what I think we could do:

1) Remove APIs that we're confident no one uses or can use (the alerting stuff)
2) Keep the interfaces for the most common currently used APIs (HelixManagerFactory, HelixManager,
HelixAdmin, ClusterSetup, command line, REST), but use our new implementations underneath
(HelixConnection, HelixController, HelixParticipant, HelixSpectator, HelixAdministrator).
This means there will be breakages for people who used the implementation classes directly,
but the changes would be minor.
3) Provide adapters between common new and old APIs (HelixConnectionAdapter is an example)
4) Maintain the model package as-is

This way, there's a clear transition path from one branch to another and we can eventually
end support for the old branch.
> Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2014 07:33:10 -0800 
> Subject: Helix V2 0.7.0 
> From: g.kishore@gmail.com 
> To: dev@helix.apache.org; user@helix.apache.org 
> Hi, 
> We have made lot of good changes in 0.7.0 and improved the api's. 
> However, I think it is not easy/intuitive for a new user. One of the 
> problems with 0.7.0 code is that we tried to maintain complete backward 
> compatibility with respect to both logical api's and physical layout on 
> zookeeper. 
> Trying to maintain the logical api backward compatibility has 
> definitely caused some pain and did not allow us to do the right thing 
> in 0.7.0 and it has made our code base huge. The reasoning here is - 
> when we built Helix ((almost 3 years back), we did not anticipate Helix 
> being used in other systems. So our main focus was minimal code and to 
> make sure it works for the use case we had. We did not gather much 
> feedback from users. 
> However, we are seeing the usage grow and while everyone agrees that 
> the high level concepts are good, it is apparent that api's are making 
> people shy away from Helix. I would even say some of the terminologies 
> are confusing until you spend quite some time with Helix. 
> I want to see what others think about this. 
> We have two options going forward 
> Option1: Continue to maintain backward compatibility and improving the api's 
> Option2: Break the api compatibility and call it Helix V2. We redesign 
> our api's and make it more intuitive and easier/flexible to use. 
> I think the core functionality and design is great and don't see much 
> change needed in the architecture (Do let us know if you think we need 
> any change). What is lacking is documentation and a simple set of api's 
> that are intuitive. 
> While Option 1 is great for existing users, I prefer Option2. We will 
> redesign the 0.7.0 api's without maintaining backward compatibility. 
> Lot of work has already been done in 0.7.0, so we are not that far. 
> This also gives chance to the community to contribute and provide 
> suggestions/feedback/ideas. 
> For existing users, we will continue to maintain 0.6.2 and continue to 
> make critical bug fixes. But no new features will be added. 
> Thoughts ? 
> thanks, 
> Kishore G 		 	   		  
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