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From lsmushroom <lsmushr...@126.com>
Subject Integrate helix with yarn
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2014 08:27:04 GMT
I'm new to helix and I'm quite interested in running helix with yarn.  And I've got a few
questions as below:
1)Is there any document about how to deploy and run helix with yarn ?
2)Is there a testing programe which can run on "helix with yarn" ? 
3)I've roughly go through the code , seems that you have implemented a new AppMaster on yarn
, so does that mean currentyly I could not directly run mapreduce job on "helix on yarn" ?
To do so , I've to firstly porting the MRAppMaster to "helix with yarn" ?

Thanks in advance,

Yuan Linsi
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