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From Kevin Gao <k...@box.com>
Subject Node.js Helix Participant
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2013 18:24:18 GMT
Hi all,

My colleagues at Box and I are considering developing a Node.js based Helix
participant library as an open source project. I first and foremost wanted
to gauge how useful this would be in the community's use cases. For us, the
main service runs on Node.js and is the actual owner of resources, while we
treat Helix as the one, shared source of truth regarding which nodes own
what resources. This introduces a split brain scenario between the two. In
the mean time, we have introduced health checking and state validation to
ensure that the two are consistent. Additionally, we have developed a local
protocol for communicating state transitions. However, maintaining this
architecture leaves room for inconsistency as well as significant slow down
in developing actual application logic.

What we think would be extremely useful to us is to have write a
JavaScript-based participant library. This involves a few major questions
to be answered first:

* Is the community interested in the availability of this project?
* Is there a reliable, vetted ZooKeeper client for Node.js?
* What components of the Helix library need to be ported over?
* Related to the previous question, what feature set  is required at
minimum for a production-ready library?
* How difficult would it be to maintain this library in parallel to the
main Helix distribution?

My team and I would appreciate any feedback or input you have!


Kevin Gao

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