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From Vinayak Borkar <vinay...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Some newbie questions
Date Thu, 02 May 2013 16:06:35 GMT
>   1. I'm using a LeaderStandby in order to build a single global lock on my cluster,
it works as expected.. but in order to release the lock I have to put the current leader in
standby... I could achieve this by disabling the current instance. It works, but doing this
I loose (at least seems to be) the ability to send/receive user defined messages. I'd like
to know if it's possible to, via an api call, force a transition from Leader to Standby without
disable an instance.

I am a newbie to Helix too and I had a similar question a few days ago. 
Have you looked into disabling the resource by using the 
disablePartition() call in HelixAdmin using a partition number of 0? 
This should disable just the resource without impacting the instance.


>   2. I've been taking a quick look on Helix codebase, more specific on ZooKeeper usage.
Seems that you're using ZooKeeper as a default implementation, but Helix architecture is not
tied to it, right? I'm asking this, because I'm interested to implement (in a near future)
a different backend (Infinispan).
> That's it for now...  thanks in advance.
> Cheers,
> ---
> Alexandre Porcelli
> porcelli@redhat.com

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