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From Ming Fang <mingf...@mac.com>
Subject How to handle total Zookeeper restart
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2013 04:58:14 GMT

When I have a working Helix cluster, all participants for working fine, and for whatever reason
I lost the entire Zookeeper cluster(including all state),
what is the best way to handle this? 

Ideally I want all the participants to continue working and that the only capability I would
loose is Helix's ability to failover.
Upon restart of Zookeeper, the Controllers and Participants should register their latest state
back to the new Zookeeper cluster.
However my tests thus far shows that even thought the HelixManager reconnects, they do not
write the necessary data into Zookeeper for the cluster to function correctly.
For example, the external view callbacks are not showing the participants at all.

Is this something Helix should handle or is it up to the applications to detect the failure
and then recreate new HelixManagers?

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