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From Dan Wlodarski <dwlodar...@tdkc.com>
Subject Cannot transmit a SWA response with a large attachment (HttpEntity can't chunk multipart)
Date Sun, 04 Jun 2017 15:03:12 GMT
To whom it may concern:

Issue: HttpClient API does not support chunking multipart HttpEntities.
Clients making SOAP requests to a mock SOAP with attachments (SWA) server
are failing (specifically, Apache-based Java clients are throwing
org.apache.http.NoHttpResponseExceptions) when the attachment in the
response is large (>2 MiB). Small attachments are transmitted without
throwing any exceptions. HTTP Content-Length header is correct.

Use case: Multithreaded SOAP server capable of transmitting SWA responses of
arbitrary content length

Libraries: HttpCore v4.4.6 + HttpMime v4.5.3

Example server source for error replication is available at:

Error replication:
1. Build the above source with HttpCore v4.4.6 and HttpMime v4.5.3 libraries
(HttpMime is part of the HttpClient project).
2. Run the program with a sufficiently large (>2 MiB) binary file named
"random.png.gz" with correct pathing and permissions (a readable directory
sibling of the executable).
3. Send the server an arbitrary HTTP POST request via some third-party
client. Note the failure to receive the large server-generated multipart

NB: SoapUI can be leveraged as an Apache-based Java client with precision

Please advise.


Dan C. Wlodarski
The Design Knowledge Company
3100 Presidential Drive
Suite 103
Fairborn, Ohio 45324

Phone: 937-427-4276 x175
Fax: 937-427-1242

P.S. This issue was originally submitted on 30 May, but did not appear in the archives. Assumed

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