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From Joan Balagueró <joan.balagu...@grupoventus.com>
Subject RE: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException with the async client
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2016 07:17:44 GMT
Hi Oleg,

> 1. Why, exactly in the same load conditions, a pool with 600 connections is more than
enough for the blocking client and not enough for the async one?

I cannot answer this question unless I can analyze and re-run the benchmark used to load test
both clients.
--> ok, I'll retest it.

> 2. Regarding the  'ConnectionRequestTimeout', you told me that the reason was probably
due to lock contention. Is this lock contention provoked by this timeout of only 1ms? Do you
always recommend a higher value as Stefan said previously?

What is the point of having such a low request timeout? What is it exactly you intent to achieve
by making requests fail if the pool manager fails to lease a connection after 1 ms? 
--> Our software is a proxy. We have some clients with a prerequirement to not permitt
requests that take more than, for example, 10ms. So if for getting one connection from the
pool we have to wait 10ms, then the prerequirement cannot be accomplished. So that's why,
in certain installations, we don't allow to wait this time, we simply prefer to fail and return
an error to the client like "Maximum number of simultaneous connections exceded".

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