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From Pete Keyes <PKe...@starbucks.com>
Subject NoHttpResponseException received at startup
Date Wed, 04 May 2016 18:13:11 GMT
We have an odd issue wherein at Tomcat(TomEE) startup apache-hc execution requests throw a
NoHttpResponseException within less than 1 second.  After a few minutes this behavior completely
stops and isn’t seen again until the next time we stop and restart Tomcat(TomEE).

Basic apache-hc configuration information:
  - single static CloseableHttpClient instance initialized at container startup;
  - all requests managed via PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager
  - connection timeout 6000ms
  - read timeout 6000ms
  - we use 4 retries
  - the typical timing for each HttpClient.execute(HttpUriRequest,HttpContext) during this
startup period is that they fail very fast:
      try-1: ~  5ms
      try-2: ~250ms
      try-3: ~500ms
      try-5: ~700ms
We measure the elapsed milli-seconds with respect to “execute()”.  It seems very odd that
execute() fails so fast given the apache-hc settings.  It isn’t every execution request
that fails.  But, a very high percentage of them do exhibit this behavior during the initial
~5 minutes after Tomcat(TomEE) begins dispatching inbound requests.

The inbound HTTP request volume inbound is ~70 RPS(requests per second).

After ~5 minutes this type of error never repeats.  We have logging in place that verifies
all the apache-hc components are fully instantiated prior to any request being processed.

Version information:
  apache-hc: 4.5.2
  java     : 1.8r60
  tomcat   : 7.0.68
  tomee    : 1.7.4

Any ideas at all given the minimal information that I have to provide are greatly appreciated.


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