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From Joan Balagueró <joan.balagu...@grupoventus.com>
Subject Help with async client
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2016 14:54:29 GMT


We have moved from the blocking client (PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager)
to the async one (PoolingNHttpClientConnectionManager), and we are starting
some tests to check performance.


We have a test app that sends xml requests to our proxy. If the response is
not found in cache,  the proxy uses the http client to get the responses
from the back end. 


Starting 20 threads, with the blocking client we reach about 700 requests
per second.


With the async client, the pattern we are seeing is: 20 requests are
processed, then a 5 second pause, then 20 more requests processed, 5 second
pause, etc.


Obviously we have something misconfigured in our async pool. We though that
the problem could come from the max htttp connections allowed, but checking
the log:


[exchange: 2537] start execution

[exchange: 2537] Request connection for {}->

Connection request: [route: {}->][total kept alive: 0;
route allocated: 0 of 2147483647; total allocated: 0 of 2147483647]

Connection leased: [id: http-outgoing-209][route:
{}->][total kept alive: 0; route allocated: 1 of
2147483647; total allocated: 1 of 2147483647]

[exchange: 2537] Connection allocated: CPoolProxy{http-outgoing-209

http-outgoing-209<->[ACTIVE][r:]: Set
attribute http.nio.exchange-handler

http-outgoing-209<->[ACTIVE][rw:]: Event
set [w]

http-outgoing-209<->[ACTIVE][rw:]: Set
timeout 50000

http-outgoing-209 [ACTIVE]: Connected

http-outgoing-209<->[ACTIVE][rw:]: Set
attribute http.nio.http-exchange-state

Start connection routing

Connection route established

[exchange: 2537] Attempt 1 to execute request

Target auth state: UNCHALLENGED

Proxy auth state: UNCHALLENGED

http-outgoing-209<->[ACTIVE][rw:]: Set
timeout 1000

http-outgoing-209 >> POST /wsserhs/rhodasol HTTP/1.1

http-outgoing-209 >> content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded;

http-outgoing-209 >> host: ws.rhodasol.es

http-outgoing-209 >> user-agent: Apache-HttpClient/4.4.1 (Java/1.7.0_75)

http-outgoing-209 >> x-ventusproxy-id:



http-outgoing-209 >> x-forwarded-for:

http-outgoing-209 >> Content-Length: 1368

http-outgoing-209 >> Connection: Keep-Alive

http-outgoing-209<->[ACTIVE][rw:]: Event
set [w]

http-outgoing-209 [ACTIVE] Output ready

[exchange: 2537] produce content

[exchange: 2537] Request completed




I can send more information about this log and our pool configuration. But
since the pattern is so clear, maybe someone has experienced something
similar and can tell me whatÂ’s wrong.


I suppose that the following is not related with this issue, but we have and
idleConnectionHandler that is executed every 5 seconds.












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