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From "Mark A. Claassen" <MClaas...@ocie.net>
Subject Proxy Failover
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2015 16:45:27 GMT
I found some information on proxy failover and HttpClient, but not much.  I was wondering,
though, if my approach is OK.  I realize there are inefficiencies, but before I go there,
I want to know if I am even on the right track.

I extended DefautRoutePlanner and implemented the determineProxy method.
In that method I get the list of potential proxies and then test them.  I return the first
one in the list that works. (Also, when I find one that works, I remember it so I don't need
to test it again.)

In my constructor for my route planner, I create a separate HttpClient instance that just
uses the DefaultRoutePlanner, which returns NULL for determineProxy().

Has anyone done anything like this?


	private boolean testProxy(URI targetURI, Proxy proxy) {
			boolean rval;
			if (proxy.type() != Proxy.Type.DIRECT) {
				InetSocketAddress address = (InetSocketAddress) proxy.address();
				HttpHost host = new HttpHost(address.getHostName(), address.getPort(), ApacheNetworkImpl.SCHEME_HTTP);

				try {
					URI uri = new URI(host.toURI());
					RequestBuilder rb = RequestBuilder.get(uri);
					HttpUriRequest request = rb.build();
					try {
						HttpResponse resp = testClient.execute(request);
						rval = true;
					catch (IOException ex) {
						rval = false;
						connectFailed(targetURI, address, ex);
					finally {
				catch (URISyntaxException ex) {
					rval = false;
				rval = true;
			return rval;

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