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From Steve Cohen <sco...@javactivity.org>
Subject Right way to simulate session connections in loadtesting simulator using HttpClient
Date Sat, 06 Dec 2014 21:14:52 GMT
I am building a standalone java application to generate load on a 
system, simulating real world conditions.

The application is multithreaded, using the java.util.concurrent 
framework to generate lots of pooled threads, each of which runs 
"sessions". When the session is complete, the runnable ends and the 
thread is returned to the scheduler pool. Each "session" consists of the 

generate HTTP PUT #1 to server
wait x seconds (randomized within logical limit)
generate HTTP PUT #2 to server
generate HTTP PUT #3 to server
wait y seconds (randomized within logical limit)
generate HTTP PUT #4 to server
generate HTTP PUT #5 to server
approximately 2 minutes are taken up all together per session

Each thread created by the concurrent pool maintains a connection 
(embodied in an HTTPClient) which is reused by subsequent sessions. 
After each request a call to HttpRequest.releaseConnection() is made, as 
is recommended in many online sources.

It all works pretty well. But perhaps it works TOO well.

While keeping the connections open and releasing them gives optimum 
performance, since I am building a simulator,  I really DON'T want 
optimal performance. I want to simulate SUBOPTIMAL performance. I want 
the server to have to go through connection establishment on each 
session as if the sessions were coming from different computers, not 
from the same one.

I want to create the connection (embedded in an HTTP client) at the 
beginning of each session and close it at the end of the session.

It seems that HttpClient, by default, uses connection pooling.  How do I 
defeat this?  I've tried closing the connection at the completion of 
each session, but then it can no longer be used.

What is the correct way to achieve the simulation I am trying to create 
with HttpClient?


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