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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject Re: PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager leaking connections
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2014 08:35:20 GMT
On Mon, 2014-12-15 at 15:41 +0000, Maurice MILLS wrote:
> I am using HttpComponents 4.3.1 in my project and have recently run into a problem where
PoolingHttpClientConnectionMananger is leaking HTTP connections.  Normally this doesn't pose
a problem because they are cleaned up after 60 seconds of TIME_WAIT, however we are creating
> 30k threads and this is causing us to pass the limit of available ports for the client
machine and the threads start failing.
> In my code I use an HttpPut to call my server.  As described in the documentation when
I'm done, I do a reset().  Below is the stack trace that shows where the problem is (PrsClientHttpResponse
is my class):
> PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager.releaseConnection(HttpClientConnection, Object, long,
TimeUnit) line: 280
> ConnectionHolder.abortConnection() line: 132
> ConnectionHolder.cancel() line: 141
> HttpPut(AbstractExecutionAwareRequest).cancelExecution() line: 99
> HttpPut(AbstractExecutionAwareRequest).reset() line: 167
> PrsClientHttpResponse.close() line: 87
> Steps:
> -------
> 1.       ConnectionHolder line 141 calls ConnectionHolder.abortConnection()
> 2.       ConnectionHolder line 125 (in abortConnection) calls managedConn.shutdown to
close the connection
> 3.       ConnectionHolder line 132 (in the finally of abortConnection) then calls manager.releaseConnection
to release the connection
> 4.       PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager line 280 calls pool.release with the 2nd
parameter = false (because the connection was just closed)
> 5.       CPool line 311 removes the entry from the list of leased connections
> 6.       CPool line 314 is false, so the entry is not readded to the list of available
connections (and therefore no longer referenced by the pool to be cleaned up later)
> I have not found any methods on the classes that allow me do anything other than what
I have described.  Am I doing something wrong?
> Thanks,
> Maurice

I am not sure I am seeing a connection leak here as the connection in
question gets closed and correctly evicted from the pool. 

Please see an explanation of what TIME_WAIT is here


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