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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Looking for reference documentation and examples for HttpClient 4.1.x
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2014 14:54:37 GMT
On Tue, 2014-06-10 at 04:35 +0000, Baker, Tristan wrote:
> Hello,
> I have scoured the internet looking for examples of how to use HttpClient 4.1.x. I've
found the apache site (http://hc.apache.org/) with links to great examples of how use 4.2.x
and 4.3.x, but I haven't found anything for 4.1.x.
> I am developing an application running on JBoss EAP 6.1, which is bundled with RestEasy
2.3.6.Final, which in turn uses HttpClient 4.1.x.
> I need to use the HttpClient libraries to make some outbound calls from my application
and I'd like to use what's already available without upgrading, but I cannot find any documentation
as clear as the documentation available for the later versions of HttpClient.  My specific
use case is to configure RestEasy's HttpClient with custom socket timeout settings and a custom
SSL Hostname Verifier that “Allows all hostnames”.  I’ve been able to find examples
of this using the HttpClient 4.3 library, but since all I have available in my runtime environment
is 4.1.x, none of the code compiles/runs.
> Presumably, this documentation used to exist. Is there anywhere I can go to find similar
examples for 4.1.x?  Here is the version I am using specifically:
> <dependency>
> <groupId>org.apache.httpcomponents</groupId>
> <artifactId>httpclient</artifactId>
> <version>4.1.2</version>
> </dependency>
> Thanks,
> Tristan


4.1 examples can still be found in the source repository


Also, the tutorial sources


Please note that you _should_ be able to upgrade HttpClient to a newer
stable release and still have RestEasy function as advertised. 


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