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From Daniel Feist <dfe...@gmail.com>
Subject Thread Contention (due to use of proxys) in HttpClient 4.3
Date Sun, 11 May 2014 23:13:51 GMT

I'm using HttpClient in a situation where high concurrency is expected
and am doing some testing/benchmarking using gatling-tool.

While performance isn't bad, things aren't scaling as well as I'd have
hoped. (I'm running on a amazon XL instance)

When profiling with gatling running using 200 users I see very
significant contention in java.reflect.Proxy.newInstance().  See:

When i look at 4.2 source code, Proxys aren't used in this two places.

1) Is this known issue?
2) Can I expect 4.2 to scale better?
3) Is there a way of configuring 4.3.3 to not use proxys?


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