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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Some observations with HTTP Client 4.3.1
Date Sun, 10 Nov 2013 16:45:12 GMT
On Sat, 2013-11-09 at 23:15 +0100, Christopher BROWN wrote:
> Hello,
> Porting some HTTP Client 4.2 code to non-deprecated equivalents in 4.3.1, I
> noticed a small change between:
> // MultipartEntity
> entity.addPart("field", new StringBody(values));
> ...and:
> // MultipartEntityBuilder
> entityBuilder.addTextBody("field", values);
> The former, when no charset is specified, defaults to ASCII, due to:
> @Deprecated
> public StringBody(final String text) throws UnsupportedEncodingException {
>   this(text, "text/plain", Consts.ASCII);
> }
> The latter, without a charset, defaults to ISO-8859-1 from what I can see.
>  This broke a unit test in my code, but was easily fixed.  I'm guessing it
> makes more sense to use ISO-8859-1 because it seems to be the default in
> practice on the Internet.   Is that correct?

Hi Christopher

I do not have a reference handy, but I am fairly confident that the MIME
spec actually defines ISO-8859-1 as the default content for textual
content bodies. The old implementation was simply incorrect.

> Also, I built HTTP client from source using the command:
> mvn -Dmaven.compiler.target=1.7 package
> ...which generated class files in 1.7 format (slightly optimized if I'm to
> believe Oracle/Sun docs).  However, the user agent still shows
> "Apache-HttpClient/4.3.1 (java 1.5)" as the User-Agent.  Is it useful to
> hard-code the Java version like this, because it doesn't match the compiler
> option or the runtime environment?

The initial intent was to state the minimal JRE compatibility level for
HttpClient of a particular version. This has been causing a fair deal
confusion though. The way the default user-agent id is generated is very
likely to change in 4.4. Feel free to raise a JIRA for this issue if you
want to keep track of its resolution.

> As a side note, I'm liking the fluent API more and more!

I am glad to hear that. Usually such major API changes tend to generate
more rants and outright insults than gratitude or even constructive


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