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From Alexey Serba <ase...@gmail.com>
Subject http client and SSLContext.getDefault
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2013 12:52:33 GMT

It seems that http client (at least 4.1.3) does not honor
SSLContext.getDefault, i.e. does not pickup SSLContext configured
using SSLContext.setDefault. The problem is that I want to override
default SSLContext at a runtime and do not have control over all
httpclient usages, i.e. can not instrument all http client instances
using "getConnectionManager().getSchemeRegistry().register(scheme)"
spell. I was thinking that httpclient should use default SSLContext by
default, but apparently it's not. I've found HTTPCLIENT-789 and it
says that the reason is that SSLContext.getDefault() is Java 6/7 only.
I'm wondering if it makes sense to use reflection here and honor
default SSLContext on Java 6/7 platforms. Any opinions?

Thanks in advance,

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