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From Marko Asplund <marko.aspl...@ixonos.com>
Subject Re: ConnectionPoolTimeoutException with multi-threaded HttpClient usage
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2012 19:49:11 GMT
On 2012-12-16 15:04:25 GMT Oleg Kalnichevski wrote:

> This can happen if you have a pool with the number of concurrent
> connections much smaller than the number of work threads (which causes a
> high resource contention) combined with an aggressive timeout value.

> Closing the response content stream is perfectly sufficient. Just make
> sure your code _always_ consumes response entities even for non-200
> responses.

Thanks Oleg!

So, the fragment that submits the HTTP request and consumes the
response could look something like this?

// executed repeatedly by multiple concurrent threads
try {
 HttpResponse res = hc.execute(rq);
 StatusLine s = res.getStatusLine();
 String c = EntityUtils.toString(res.getEntity()); // closes stream +
releases connection
 if(s.getStatusCode() != 200) {
   throw new BackendException("error ...");
 // everything ok, process content here ...
} catch (IOException e) {
 throw new BackendException("error ...");
} finally {
 // no HC related cleanup needed here

Previously my code was explicitly closing the content stream in a
finally block, but because the content stream was only opened for HTTP
200 responses, closing never took place in practice for non-200
responses. I guess this could explain the "connection leakage".


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