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From "Mugoma Joseph Okomba" <mug...@yengas.com>
Subject Re: Migrating from Commons HttpClient (3.x) to HttpComponents Client (4.x)
Date Fri, 04 May 2012 17:21:26 GMT

> (1) Redirect handling in HC 3.x is utterly and irreparably broken. HC
> 4.x does a much more reasonable job at handling redirects.

Redirects under HC 3.x might be broken but it works. At least I haven't
bumped into the broken nature

> (2) There is no such thing as undesirable redirects from the HTTP
> protocol standpoint. Redirects are either legal, illegal or legal but
> requiring user intervention. If you want to handle redirects selectively
> (allowing some redirects but disallowing others) you can always
> implement a custom RedirectStrategy and configure HttpClient to use it
> instead of the default one.

The problem with HC 4.x is that it's being detected as a mobile browser.
So when it hits a website the server tries to redirect to a mobile version
if it has. This appears to be the anormally for me.

Can such behavior be avoided / rectified?



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