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From "Cardona, Julian" <jcard...@edmunds.com>
Subject HttpCore: is there an example for opening HTTPS connections (client side) in the same vein as "ElementalHttpGet.java" ?
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2011 23:14:54 GMT


    I've used the code samples from "ElementalHttpGet" and
    "ElementalHttpPost" for my basic HTTP'ing needs without
    a glitch so far.  Now I need to open an HTTPS connection
    and am not sure how to modify those samples to make it

    I've checked the docs and the other examples, no luck
    there.  The async HTTPS server, for instance, really
    has a very different flow and is not immediately
    applicable.  Same goes for HttpClient:  I have to deal
    regularly with ill-formed responses, so need to have
    access to a bit lower level data --exactly at the level
    HttpCore provides it.

    Any resources (tutorials or code samples) on the specific
    subject of synchronous, a.k.a. "classic", HTTPS + HttpCore
    that I might be overlooking?  Thanks in advance!

    Julian Cardona

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