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From Henry Story <henry.st...@bblfish.net>
Subject https client with TLS renegotiating server
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2011 22:48:38 GMT

 I am working on a server that tries to ask the client for his X509 certificate only when
it is sure that it will be needed. This can be done very neatly using TLS renegotiation: 
the server can analysing the HTTP request to see if action requested on the resource needs
authentication at all. If so it requests a TLS renegotiations as show in this mini netty server
written in one page of Scala [1].

I am now trying to test this. Most desktop browsers accept some form of TLS renegotiation
- except  Opera 11 I think. But I am not sure that java http client does. I am using the dispatch
scala wrapping of the httpclient, and so I am cling them this too.

The code for these tests is here:


The test after line 234 does not return the right result. After a lot of stepping through
code it occurred to me that perhaps httpclient does not do renegotiation. Perhaps I have not
set it up properly to do this. But it could also be another issue. As it is late, I thought
I'd ask before going to sleep. 

Thanks in advance,


[1]  in the webid branch of the read-write-web project around line 64
[2] http://dispatch.databinder.net/Dispatch.html

Social Web Architect

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