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From Joonas Koivunen <joonas.koivu...@gmail.com>
Subject Handling multipart/x-mixed-replace content
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2011 15:43:28 GMT
Hi there everyone!

I've just pieced together a simple implementation for $topic in a
somewhat "httpcomponent" fashion, splitting one HttpEntity into a
stream of actual HttpEntities.

I needed it to handle MJPEG stream from an IP camera. I'd like to
contribute this; while it's not perfectly good usage of HTTP it is
still deployed in the world.

The impl is rather ugly in it's current state, as I need to get the
SessionInputBuffer from IdentityInputStream and to get that, I need to
unwrap the entity as well. Also, it currently requires at least the
Content-Length header for each part, which shouldn't be a requirement,
we should be able to read until the next boundary.

To really contribute this I'd like to know why is there no easier way
to access SessionInputBuffer? It's really necessary if you don't want
to rewrite the whole class (reading bytes AND reading lines);
currently the only way to access it is through reflection, which is
not a real solution. Has there been any talk about adding framework
level access to SessionInputBuffer or have I missed something?

Simple usage example: http://paste.ubuntu.com/697938/ -- it'd be
clearner if it were injectable through ResponseInterceptor. Too bad
any entity set by an interceptor is wrapped, making it necessary to
employ reflection again.

-- Joonas Koivunen

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