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From Steve Labarbera <steve.labarb...@whitehatsec.com>
Subject Where can I find were HttpClient handles the CONNECT tunneling through SSL
Date Sat, 02 Jul 2011 17:35:42 GMT
I was using HTTPOClient for a while to handle all my HTTP request /responses. However, I have
recently needed to build my own client due to my need to send requests that did not correctly
URLEncode specified by RFC Standards. I'm creating a proxy and need to be able to handle when
the client "The browser" sends a CONNECT request. I was hoping to be able to look at how HHTPClient
does it to maybe help me figure it out. Does anyone know where exactly that section of code
lives? I looked httpclient\src\main\resources\java\org\apache\http\conn\ssl but could not
see anything?

I'm having a very very hard time trying to handle this CONNECT request and have looked all
over the internet. This i'm hoping will be able to enlighten me as to how its handled.


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