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From "Moore, Jonathan (CIM)" <Jonathan_Mo...@Comcast.com>
Subject Re: Confused about guidelines for using HttpClient instance in multiple threads
Date Mon, 16 May 2011 20:14:37 GMT
All this is trying to say is that you don't need a new DefaultHttpClient
instance for every thread, particularly if you only have one connection
pool. Multiple threads can use the same DefaultHttpClient to execute HTTP

However, when the singleton instance passes out of scope, a clean shutdown
requires also shutting down the ConnectionManager.

Does that help?

Jon Moore
Comcast Interactive Media

On 5/16/11 4:08 PM, "KARR, DAVID (ATTSI)" <dk068x@att.com> wrote:

>I must be misunderstanding what I'm reading, but the HttpClient doc seems
>to have conflicting information about how to use an HttpClient instance
>from multiple threads.
>In section 2.9, "Multithreaded request execution", there's the following
>"When equipped with a pooling connection manager such as
>ThreadSafeClientConnManager, HttpClient can be used to execute multiple
>requests simultaneously using multiple threads of execution."
>In section 5.1, "HttpClient Fa├žade", there is the following statement:
>"DefaultHttpClient is thread safe. It is recommended that the same
>instance of this class is reused for multiple request executions. When an
>instance of DefaultHttpClient is no longer needed and is about to go out
>of scope the connection manager associated with it must be shut down by
>calling the ClientConnectionManager#shutdown() method."
>Can someone explain this seeming discrepancy?
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