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From hanasaki <hanas...@gmail.com>
Subject HTTP Put setChunking(false) yet still sends chunked data
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2011 23:34:57 GMT
Using http client 4.1 with an http put and a route through a squid proxy 
to a basic-authentication http server.  Not proxy auth in this case. 
The file upload is going through chunked dispite setting chunking off. 
I used the below example with POST as a template for the client code and 
set chunking to false.  The PUT is going up as chunked.  This was 
verified with wireshark capturing the "not supported" coming back from 
squid (2.x) as well as decoding the http PUT that went to squid.


             reqEntity.setChunked(true); <= I set to FALSE

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