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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject Re: SOCKS support is absent
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2010 16:05:02 GMT
On Wed, 2010-11-17 at 07:03 -0800, David Smiley @MITRE.org wrote:
> I've been working with the HtmlUnit open source project to fix and enhance
> its use of HttpClient (v4).  Given the extensive features of HttpClient, I
> am very surprised to see that SOCKS support is absent.  I have to make
> HtmlUnit do a bunch of things to get SOCKS proxies to work, particularly
> https (SSL) layered over SOCKS.  I've searched this mailing list on this
> subject to find that Oleg directs users to make a SocketFactory and *not*
> mess with Routes.  I've also observed that ProxySelectorRoutePlanner
> expressly ignores PROXY steps; and I'm not sure how code using this class
> can detect if NO_PROXY is returned because of ignoring SOCKS or because of
> no proxy being needed.  Can a comitter comment?
> So I implement a SocketFactory.  Unfortunately I can't extend
> PlainSocketFactory because its final, and this results in a bunch of
> copy-pasted code with only a small change to pass a java.net.Proxy object to
> Socket's constructor.  It's good to see that the v4.1 development release
> passes HttpParams to createSocket(); I hope to eventually use that once v4.1
> is released. SocketFactories are registered with HttpClient in association
> with a scheme (e.g. http, https) and so I need to create two socket
> factories, one plain, one SSL "layered", and register them.  I've gotten
> this working for non-SSL and I'm going to work on the SSL case soon, for
> HtmlUnit.
> The bottom line is that not only does HttpClient not support SOCKS, it's
> made it a pain to support it.  Can a committer comment if the lack of SOCKS
> support is a deliberate long-term choice or has nobody scratched that itch
> yet?  Ideally, I'd be working the the HttpClient committers to add SOCKS
> support and not HtmlUnit; is that an option here?
> ~ David Smiley

SOCKS is an IP level protocol. As long as SOCKS proxying is configured
correctly on the TCP/IP level, no additional support is required on the
HTTP level. 

Ads far as I can tell HttpClient 4.1 makes it fairly easy to implement
socket layering over SOCKS. I am really not sure what kind of additional
support one may need in this regard. 


I could certainly make PlainSocketFactory non-final if that makes your
life easier.


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