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From Programmer Offsite <programmer_offs...@yahoo.com>
Subject Problem with timeout under load
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2010 20:34:53 GMT
I am using HttpClient 3.1 server-side to connect to web services on the 
I am using MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager and reusing HttpClient instance.
When I am simulating web services and they respond instantly, everything works 
as expected and I can stress-test the application.

However, once I start adding delay in some of the services, everything 
This is what is happening in the production and as a result, the whole 
application stalls.

I have set the SO and connection timeout to 3 seconds.  I simulate the service 
that takes more than 3 seconds to respond. I would expect the delayed service 
request to time-out allways after 3 seconds (or neighbourhood). In practice, the 
time-out time starts to increment with increased memory consumption and as the 
result the server is overwhelmed. 

Why is this happening?  Why services do not time-out in period set?
Appreciate your help!



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