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From "KARR, DAVID (ATTSI)" <dk0...@att.com>
Subject Best strategy to terminate an HttpClient (3.0.1) connection from a background thread?
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2010 15:31:05 GMT
If I had a background task that was monitoring certain conditions, and
it had a handle to an HttpClient object, or perhaps the Method object,
where the Method was still executing, what would be the cleanest way to
force terminate the connection from the background task, such that the
method execution would get a reasonable exception that could be
interpreted as either a timeout or a force disconnect?  I see the
"HttpMethodBase.abort()" method.  Would this be reasonable?

For a little more background, I'm considering this to implement a "hard
timeout" on HttpClient connections, as the socket timeout doesn't really
do that.  When the system is under high load, we find that connections
go well over what we wanted as the "time limit" for the connection.
We've concluded that we'd rather terminate over-long connections, even
if they would have normally succeeded, as we think it might help overall

Even if I could have the background task terminate the connection
cleanly, I'm not certain this will help our situation, and determining
whether it will help before it gets to production will be difficult.
When the system is under high load, things tend to be a little chaotic
:) . I might find that my background task doesn't get enough time to
run, or it might end up making the other tasks take longer.

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