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From Silvio Heuberger <silvio.heuber...@hsr.ch>
Subject HTTPClient 4.0.1 sometimes throws SocketTimeOutException while executing POST
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2010 13:14:20 GMT
I have code similar to the following:

     try {
         HttpPost post = new HttpPost(httpsUrl);

         HttpEntity entity = new StringEntity(request, "UTF-8");


         HttpResponse response = httpclient.execute(post);
         String result = EntityReader.readContent(response.getEntity());
         return result;

     } catch (Exception e) {
         throw new ZapException("Error executing the http post request: 
"+e.getMessage(), e);

It sends the content of `request` to a server via POST using a 
httpclient instance that might have already been used before (it has 
persistent connections turned on, since we're sending quite some 
requests to the same server...).

This _sometimes_ fails with a `SocketTimeoutException` with "Read timed 
out" as the message.
It's not clear to us, why it only fails at some times, when _most_ times 
it doesn't. What gives?

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