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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Kerberos proxy authentication issue
Date Wed, 16 Dec 2009 20:40:50 GMT
Sebastiaan van Erk wrote:

> Hi Oleg,
> Thanks for adding this. I'm currently a bit stuck on the caching of the 
> tickets, which really needs to be fixed, but it looks like I'll have to 
> dive into protocols/APIs deeply (JAAS, Java GSSAPI, SPNEGO) to figure it 
> out.
> There is however one thing about the SPENGO authentication protocol that 
> does not yet fit nicely into the httpclient API, namely, if you look at 
> the diagram:
> http://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/attachment/12419383/SPNEGO_cropped.png
> What you see is a series of requests back and forth, with the last 
> response containing the final negotiation token NOT having a response 
> code of 401. In the diagram it's a 200, but in my case (with the 
> redirect), it was a 3xx. In any case, the token should go back into the 
> authentication scheme.

This is somewhat similar to NTLM authentication, where the final 
response code may also be 3xx, so HttpClient should be able to handler 
such situations, worst case with some API extensions.

> BTW, I quickly hacked a response inteceptor which would do this for me 
> (it was a hack, because it just called authenticate() again with the 
> token and a null HttpRequest (since you don't have a request in the 
> response interceptor) and at least GSSAPI was able to complete the 
> negotiation. I did this because I was hoping this would solve the ticket 
> caching problem, i.e, hoping that the tickets would be "committed" if 
> the negotiation completed, but unfortunately this was not the case.
> I don't really know the authentication API should look to support this 
> protocol... and it might in the end not really be necessary, except 
> perhaps for mutual authentication.
> I'm going to look into the SPNEGO/GSSAPI stuff now to fix the caching, 
> so I'm still on this. I just wanted to keep you posted.
> Regards,
> Sebastiaan

Keep us posted on the progress.



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