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From "Kalbagilmath, Vishwanath (Communication & Media Solution)" <vishwanath.kalbagilm...@hp.com>
Subject parsing uri problem with httpclient 3.1
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2009 03:38:37 GMT

I am facing URI parse problem with httpclient 3.1. The URI I have is ("http://<hostname>/selection.php?type[]=OFF&type[]=PA").
After going through 3.1 code (URI.java), I notice that, in parseUriRequest() method, the query
is validate aganists uric which does not contain "[" and "]" characters. The validation is
newly addition in 3.1 version, this change is to align with RFC? If yes, what is the way out
for uri having “[]”?
This works fine in httpclient 3.0.

Thanks in adv for the answer.


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