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From Will McQueen <willmcqu...@yahoo.com>
Subject httpcomponents-client-4.0-beta3-SNAPSHOT + httpcomponents-core-4.1-SNAPSHOT?
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2009 17:48:44 GMT

Hi Oleg,

I noticed that the currently-downloadable HttpClient 4.0-beta2 relies on the non-final beta
release of HttpCore 4.0 (httpcore-4.0-beta3). It seems wasteful not to take advantage of the
*final* core version now that it's available, so I looked at the svn repos for HttpClient:


...and found that the POM file now specifies HttpCore 4.0 final (and mime4j 0.6 instead of
0.5). Great :-) Maybe I should d/l the latest HttpClient b3 snapshot ("httpcomponents-client-4.0-beta3-SNAPSHOT").
But then I go to HttpCore svn repos:


...and I see a 4.1 snapshot ("httpcomponents-core-4.1-SNAPSHOT")... hmmm, it seems wasteful
not to take advantage of all those httpcore bug fixes since 4.0 final... so I'm thinking about
modifying the HttpClient 4.0b3 snapshot's POM file to depend on HttpCore 4.1 snapshot instead
of HttpCore 4.0 GA, so that I can get the best of both.

So my questions are (if you please...):
1) I know only the basics of POM right now. It seems that all I'd need to do to get the current
best of both would be to modify this POM:
   ...so that this:
   ...becomes this:
   Is that right? Or is there some other change I'd need to make somewhere else either in
this file or some other file?
2) I looked at BUILDING.txt:

   ...but I didn't find the answer to the following question:
   	"In order to build httpclient using maven, do I just need to checkout only the POM.xml
file and run maven against it (after which it will download everything it needs at runtime,
including tests, junit jars, etc), or do I need to check-out the entire trunk and then run
   Could you please help me answer this?
3) I plan to run all tests from maven against both the httpcore and the httpclient snapshots
-- ie, I realize that if I run the tests only against the client, then I'd be executing all
httpclient tests but I'd be missing-out on all the httpcore tests... so I'd need to grab the
httpcore pom as well, just for the purpose of executing the core-only tests. It's too bad
there's not an option in the single httpclient pom file to be able to exercise both the httpclient
tests and the httpcore tests against the httpclient snapshot.
After executing the tests, and assuming that all tests pass, then what would you say are the
biggest risks to using this user-generated build instead of waiting for the non-snapshot "release"/downloadable
version of httpclient b3? If I know the biggest risks and can accept them, then I'd feel much
more comfortable using my custom-built jars. At what point do you decide when to tag a build
-- do you tag it when all tests pass and there have been a substantial amount of bug fixes
/ new features?

Lots of question, I know. I'm eager and excited to be almost ready to start seriously using
httpclient4. At work, we currently use httpclient3.1 to test against the REST web services
on our staging server. We also test against Production immediately after a deploy.

Thank you.

PS: I've read through the current version of the HttpClient4 tutorial... very nice job so
far! :-)



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