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From Will McQueen <willmcqu...@yahoo.com>
Subject ThreadSafeClientManager -- where's the default registry?
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2009 05:32:13 GMT


The single constructor for ThreadSafeClientConnManager says this about the schreg (ie, scheme
registry) param:
	"the scheme registry, or null for the default registry".
Where is the default registry assigned? I would have thought that this constructor would check
for a null schreg, and if it is null then it would register 2 schemes with this conn mgr --
one "http" scheme and one "https" scheme, with default ports 80 and 443 respectively, and
with socket factories PlainSocketFactory and SSLSocketFactory respectively.

Instead, I see that this constructor just calls createConnectionOperator(schreg) (which also
states that it accepts a null schreg), and this method in turn calls the constructor "DefaultClientConnectionOperator(schreg)"
which BAMMM... throws an exception when it sees that the param is null.

I probably missed something, as I understand that thousands of people have probably looked
at this code and played with it before me. What am I missing?

Thank you.



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