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From "Alexander Müller" <Alexander.Muel...@brz.gv.at>
Subject Re: receiveResponseHeader() halting
Date Wed, 13 May 2009 12:35:28 GMT
>>> On 13.05.2009 at 14:10, in message <20090513121018.GA28611@ok2cons2.nine.ch>,
> Hi Alexander
> This is approach is obviously wrong because it does not take into account so
> called hop-by-hop headers. Proxies should not blindly copy all request headers
> of the incoming request to the outgoing request. This can lead to incorrect
> delimitation of the message content body. 
> Please refer to the sample reverse proxy shipped with HttpCore for an 
> example
> of hop-by-hop header handling. 
> http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/httpcomponents/httpcore/trunk/httpcore/src/e 
> xamples/org/apache/http/examples/ElementalReverseProxy.java
> Let me know if that resolves the issue for you.
> Oleg

Hello Oleg,

thanks for the quick reply. I am aware of the hop-by-hop headers and even though I am not
yet taking - fully - care of them in the original code (the one I posted was slightly trimmed
down) I wouldnt suspect them to be the problem as my test only involved a simple GET, where
only the typical user-agent, accept, .... headers are forwarded. Furthermore the problem also
occurs without forwarding any headers.

As I previously mentioned I could successfully receive the response headers by manually sending
the request (via the socket) so I suppose I missed something at the sending part.

Thanks for the example code, as far as I can see it also uses a HttpRequestExecutor, which
worked for me as well, however I would assume the code without a HttpRequestExecutor should
work as well, shouldnt it? What would the HttpRequestExecutor exactly do in addition?

Thanks again,

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