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From "Alexander Müller" <Alexander.Muel...@brz.gv.at>
Subject receiveResponseHeader() halting
Date Wed, 13 May 2009 11:40:10 GMT


I am trying to come up with a Reverse Proxy using HttpCore, however came across some difficulties
and hope someone here could point me into the right direction.

Basically I am having a servlet putting all of the received headers into a BasicHttpRequest
instance, which it then sends with sendRequestHeaders(). So far this would work, however once
I try to get the response by receiveResponseHeader() it simply stalls at AbstractSessionInputBuffer.fillBuffer()
upon reading from instream. This would make me believe the server hasnt yet sent any response
- most probably because it didnt yet receive the full request. I could confirm the latter
partly when I tried to send the request manually (via the socket's output stream) as I could
then receive the response successfully. Furthermore it also seems to work by not using sendRequestHeader()
and receiveResponseHeader() but instead a HttpRequestExecutor.

My assumption would be that something about sending the request is not right yet, but I couldnt
say what. Below is an a bit trimmed down version, did I miss something?

            HttpRequest req=null;
            req=new BasicHttpRequest(request.getMethod(), "path-to-connect-to");
            for (Enumeration<String> e=request.getHeaderNames(); e.hasMoreElements();
                String header=e.nextElement();

                for (Enumeration<String> _e=request.getHeaders(header); _e.hasMoreElements();
                    req.addHeader(header, _e.nextElement());
            Socket socket=new Socket('hostname', 80);
            DefaultHttpClientConnection con=new DefaultHttpClientConnection();
            con.bind(socket, new BasicHttpParams());
            HttpResponse resp=con.receiveResponseHeader();

Thanks for any help,

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